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Element PCSS Mixins


We will gradually deprecate the usage of PCSS mixins over time. So we advise you to use CSS Variables instead.

Mixins config#

There is an option to use mixins for generated styles such as color or size. Mixins are a prepared and formatted CSS code, designed to generate unique style for an element.

In the example shown below a mixin changes the color of the button. It is created by the setting named color with an option field named cssMixin. This object has some properties:

  • mixin to give file name where mixin is stored - basicColor
  • property to name variable to store attribute value color
  • namePattern is optional, to let know the mixin how to resolve color values (hex, rbg)

CSS Mixins settings.json example:

{ "color": {   "type": "color",   "access": "public",   "value": "#fff",   "options": {     "label": "Title color",     "cssMixin": {       "mixin": "basicColor",       "property": "color",       "namePattern": "[\\da-f]+"     }   } }}

Inside the basicColor.pcss file there are two variables available:

  • $selector is an auto-generated variable with unique mixin selector
  • $color is a variable where the attribute value is stored. Its name matches with value.

CSS Mixins componentName/cssMixins/basicColor.pcss example:

.vce-button--color-$selector {  color: $color;  &:hover {    color: color($color shade(10%));  }}

PostCSS file must be included in the index.js file.

CSS Mixins index.js example:

// ...mixins: {  basicColor: {    mixin: require('raw-loader!./cssMixins/basicColor.pcss')  }}// ...

To get mixin data in component.js file by using a helper getMixinData().

CSS Mixins component.js example:

// This code goes inside render() method// to get mixins datalet mixinData = this.getMixinData('basicColor')if (mixinData) {  classes += ` vce-button--color-${mixinData.selector}`}


PostCSS styles.scss example:

$bodyColor: #fff;@media (--md-only) {  body {    background: $bodyColor;  }}

It is possible to use some PostCSS features in CSS mixins and styles.css file

A complete list of PostCSS plugins what are in use is:

Complete list of custom media queries:

  • all, all-only: all available devices;
  • xs, mobile-portrait: mobile portrait and above;
  • xs-only, mobile-portrait-only: mobile portrait only;
  • sm, mobile-landscape: mobile landscape and above;
  • sm-only, mobile-landscape-only: mobile landscape only;
  • md, tablet-portrait: tablet portrait and above;
  • md-only, tablet-portrait-only: tablet portrait only;
  • lg, tablet-landscape: tablet landscape and above;
  • lg-only, tablet-landscape-only: tablet landscape only;
  • xl, desktop: desktop and above;
  • xl-only, desktop-only: desktop only.